Sac à dos - SkyTrail 60LSac à dos - SkyTrail 60L


  • Made in Quebec

  • Ultralight

  • Eco-friendly

  • Tailor-made


Our SkyTrail backpack 60 L is the largest bag for long hikes . You can use it for long hikes or expeditions. It is durable and ultra-light. It will bring you the comfort to climb the mountains. The SkyTrail can follow you in the desert as in the high mountains or in the rain!

Our backpacks are designed in a minimalist way to provide you with the essentials for your hikes. It has a light structure inside the backpack which is removable. 

Go on an adventure! 


- Our bags are made of 2.92 oz / sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (cuben fiber) Hybrid, which makes them lighter than all of our competitors' backpacks. 

- The bottom of our bags is made of 2.92 oz / sqyd Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (cuben fiber) Hybrid for more resistance. 

- Our exterior pockets are breathable, robust and ultra-light. They do not tear during friction on rocks or trees. 

- An internal aluminum structure allows the weight of the bag to be transferred to your hips. The structure can be easily removed if necessary. 

 - Les bretelles du sac à dos et la ceinture ventrale sont fabriquées à partir de mousse respirante pour vous apporter confort et respirabilité.- La fermeture du sac à dos est repliable ce qui permet de la rendre imperméable. 

- The waist belt is adjustable. Belts can be changed as needed. 

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years. 


Material :   Dyneema® Composite Fabrics (cuben fiber) Hybrid

Poached :

Closing : folding closure
Submersible : No

Structure : 2 light and removable aluminum bars

Environmentally friendly : Yes

Manufacturing : Quebec

Ideal : Camping, long hikes, thru-hikes


You can measure your size yourself. Take a meter of sewing! You can also measure yourself with a ruler and a long wire. 

Cut : Measure from your feet to the top of your head.

Width : Take the measurement of your size. To do this, measure your height 10-15 cm above your hips.


Mount Trail warrants all of its products for 2 years. Our equipment is designed to be durable and meet your needs. We test our products under extreme conditions. For more information, see our policies:   click here .


We offer a repair service free . Please contact us at: with the subject: " Repair Our team will work with you to find the ideal solution. For more information, see our repair page: click here .


We offer products tailored and custom . We have technical skills to make the products that best suit your needs and your constraints.

For more information, see our tailor-made page: click here .

Tips & Advice

Our ultralight backpacks allow you to reduce the weight on your shoulders while bringing the necessary equipment. It is important to choose your backpack carefully according to the size of your bust and your size.

At Mount Trail, our philosophy is to offer backpacks minimalist and tailored . We focus our design on all the features necessary for long hikes, day hikes, thru-hikes or any other outdoor activity. We are fans of ultralight and minimalist backpacks. The design of our bags was created to meet your needs, while making them very versatile.

Our research philosophy of ultra lightness is not limited to your backpack. You can intelligently minimize the weight of your backpack carrying only what is necessary. The heaviest items (excluding water and food) are the backpack itself, the tent and the sleeping bag. Weight is an important element to take into account. Minimizing the weight of your backpack does not mean reducing your comfort. On the contrary !

The Mount Trail team