Chandail à manches courtes 150 - Mount Trail
Chandail à manches courtes 150 - Mount Trail
Chandail à manches courtes 150 - Mount Trail
Chandail à manches courtes 150 - Mount Trail

150 Short Sleeve Sweater

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Short-sleeved sweater 100% merino wool . This comfortable 150 g/m² sweater is the best choice for your outdoor activities. Use this sweater for winter sports, cycling, hiking, camping and high mountains. Merino wool dries quickly and regulates temperature.


-100% merino wool
-Merino wool 150 g/m²
-Wicks away moisture
-Fast drying
-Eco-responsible and biodegradable
-Produced in Quebec & Canada

Merino wool producers are located in Australia, New Zealand, China and the United States. We do not have (to our knowledge) any Canadian producers. Our merino wool comes from Australia.

Customer Reviews

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the best shirt I've had

This is my first wool shirt. I am very happy with it.
Wool really is worth the extra money. I can't emphasize the excellent odour resistant properties enough lol. It doesn't need to be washed as often as other materials. For example, I tested that out by wearing it many days out of 30 with moderate daily exercise. No stink, and as a guy, I couldn't believe it. Who doesn't want to do less laundry? That fact alone has made the purchase worth it even though I am fairly cheap & consider the price point to be expensive for a t shirt. But, merino wool is really not like a regular shirt, so the cost is fair. Company values & story are great too.
A thought for mount trail: If there was a thicker version I would buy one of those too.
Keep it up Mathieu & Mount Trail team!

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